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Carpets for Kids Cleaning Suggestions: There are a couple of cleaning methods that can be used on the Printed Collection & KIDply® Soft Solid carpets: Whole rug & Spot Cleaning: Over the counter "dry cleaners" will do the job. They are good because they can be vacuumed out of the rug and not leave any residue. The main thing to avoid is any cleaner with bleach or strong chemicals that would cause the dye to run. It is always good to try an area for colorfastness before using something across a large area of the rug. DO use approved powdered dry cleaning products.  DO spot test with cleaner, for color fastness before using over larger areas. When cleaning, always blot, NEVER scrub or rub abrasively. This may create a fuzzy area. When vacuuming DO NOT vacuum over serge (which is not covered under warranty). This can cause serge yarn to become frayed, and torn. DO NOT use Bonnet System cleaning method. DO NOT saturate carpet with wet solution.